When is the deadline for Sellers to apply for participation in the 2017 CWM trade show?
The deadline for submitting an application to participate as a Seller at the 2017 CWM trade show is Friday, July 21, 2017. Applications will not be accepted after the deadline.

If I am a new Seller, are there additional forms that must be completed?
All new Sellers are required to complete the New Seller Additional Information form. If you have submitted your application but have yet to complete a New Seller Additional Information form, please CLICK HERE to complete the form.

If I have applied as a Seller, when will I learn if my application has been accepted?
All applications will be reviewed by the CWM partners after the July 21 deadline. Approval notices will be sent out to all accepted Sellers early in August.

Can Buyers bring more than one delegate?
More than one representative per Buyer organization may be allowed to attend provided the second representative is a qualified buyer and their attendance is approved by the CWM partners. Where two delegates are accepted, each buyer delegate will be required to take their own set of appointments.

Do I need to inform the CWM Secretariat of a delegate change? What is the procedure to do this?
Yes, the CWM Housing & Registration Coordinator needs to be advised of any delegate change prior to the event. Please send an email detailing the delegate change to: register@canadaswestmarketplace.com

Can an additional Seller delegate from our company attend the appointment sessions with me on the marketplace floor?
All Seller organizations may register additional delegates, based on the following:

  • There is a $600.00 fee (plus applicable taxes) for each additional delegate. This includes access to the trade show floor and all hosted meals and functions.
  • A maximum of one additional delegate will be permitted per appointment schedule. (A maximum of one additional delegate for sellers with one appointment schedule, and a maximum of two additional delegates for sellers with two appointment schedules.)
  • Additional delegates must represent the registered seller organization.
  • The CWM partners must approve each additional delegate.

Can a non-delegate attend the scheduled CWM events as a guest?
Depending on registration numbers, non-delegate guests may be able to purchase a ticket to attend the CWM Gala on Tuesday, November 14. The cost per ticket is $100 plus applicable taxes. If you wish to purchase a ticket please contact the CWM Secretariat to place your name on the waiting list. All other events and functions are available only to registered CWM delegates.


What is a CWM Seller E-Profile?
The CWM Seller E-Profile is an electronic profile for all sellers that is used on-site and is an additional opportunity for sellers to maximize business opportunities. All Buyers, Destination Canada, Airline and CWM partner representatives have a tablet at their booth with easy access to the Seller E-Profiles during appointments. Delegates will be able to quickly link to the Seller's website and other attachments included in the Seller E-Profile.

When is the CWM E-Message Centre available for use?
The CWM E-Message Centre will be available for use in early August until mid-November and will be available again on-site during the trade show.

Can I send e-mails to external e-mail addresses from the CWM E-Message Centre?
External e-mail addresses cannot be used with the CWM E-Message Centre. There are computers provided in the delegate lounge for this use.

My uploaded logo or photos do not appear correctly. How can I fix this?
Ask your marketing dept to provide you with "web-ready" JPG images optimized for the web, and not for printing format. This is generally called sRGB format, instead of CMYK color profile.

If you do not have that option, then you can try one of the following.

  1. Use an online image compression tool: Resize Photos Online (Click on PRO mode for more file options)
  2. If you have Adobe Photoshop: open the image, then go to menu "Image --> Mode --> RGB color". Then go to menu "File --> Save for Web", and select JPG as your output.


How many appointments are available in the BC and Alberta appointment sessions?
Each provincial appointment session has 50 appointments.

When can I begin to make appointment requests?
All delegates may request appointments from mid-September until November. More details will be sent to all approved delegates in September.

After the preliminary schedules are posted, can I schedule or change additional appointments?
Once the preliminary schedules have been posted, all delegates will have the opportunity to re-schedule and change appointments directly from the preliminary appointment schedule.


Who can participate in the CWM FAM and activity tours?
Buyers, Destination Canada and airline representatives may participate in the FAM and activity tours.

Is participation in the FAM and activity tours mandatory?
Although participation in the FAM and activity tours is not mandatory, it is encouraged as it is a great way to experience the local and regional tourism products and services.

When will the FAM activity tour descriptions be available?
Information on FAM and activity tours will be available in August.

How do I register for FAM and activity tours?
Buyers, Destination Canada and airline representatives will have the opportunity to register for FAM and activity tours via the delegate log-in section of the CWM website.

When will I receive confirmation of the FAM Tour(s) I have registered for?
You will receive confirmation of your participation from the individual FAM tour coordinator. Please note the FAM tour operator, not CWM, is responsible for accepting and confirming your participation.

When will I receive confirmation of the activity tour I have registered for?
Confirmation of your participation will be sent by Tourism Victoria, who is organizing and hosting all activity tours.


Who can be a sponsor at the CWM trade show?
Only Sellers who have been approved for participation in the 2017 CWM trade show may be a sponsor.

If we were a sponsor in 2016, will we have first right of refusal at the 2017 CWM trade show?
Yes, all sponsors at the current year’s trade show will receive first right of refusal for the respective sponsorship opportunity at the following year’s trade show, provided they are approved to attend the following year’s show.