New Buyer Tips

The following checklist outlines tried-and-true buyer tips that will help you make the most of the Canada’s West Marketplace trade show.

Buyer Profile Form:

  • Take the time upon registration to create a thorough yet concise profile description of your organization, which highlights your key features and product interests to the Sellers. This is the single-most important tool and often, the only reference Sellers will use when selecting their appointments. Even the most seasoned and in-demand Buyers should continue to compile a detailed and updated product description.

Seller Appointment Selection Process:

  • Upon review of the Seller profiles, select and prioritize sellers whose product matches your product interests as well as Sellers you want to obtain more information from in case you would like to add them to your program(s).
  • After you have received your preliminary appointment schedule in early-November, carefully review the list and compare it to your original appointment request list to make a note of those Sellers you did not receive an appointment with. You will have an opportunity to request and schedule additional appointments until mid-November.

Materials Checklist:

  • An ample supply of business cards (100-150) for distribution to both Buyers and Sellers.

At the Trade Show:

  • After registration, review your registration materials contained inside your Appointment Book. Make special note of the list of Seller cancellations. You should make note of these changes to cross-reference the cancellations with your appointment schedule.

Functions & Appointment Sessions:

  • Take the opportunity at either the beginning or end of the appointment sessions as well as at the social functions to introduce yourself and your product to the Sellers.
  • Make note of any “No-Show” Sellers and submit this list to the registration desk at the end of the Marketplace. A No-Show form will be available on-site.
  • Secure an appointment with Destination BC and Travel Alberta representatives for an overview of what is available in both provinces.
  • Resist the temptation to fill your entire appointment schedule, as you will need periodic breaks to re-group and prepare yourself for the remainder of the day’s appointments. Please note that breaks will be pre-scheduled in your appointment schedule.

CWM E-Message Centre:

  • The CWM E-Message Centre is a great way to communicate with Sellers and for Sellers to communicate with you. You will automatically receive notification when you have a new message.