New Seller Tips

The format of pre-scheduled appointments is a proven and effective method of matching buyers and sellers; however, the process can sometimes seem intimidating and confusing to first-time seller attendees. To assist you in making the most of your selling time at the CWM trade show, the following checklist outlines tried-and-true seller tips that will help you showcase your product to the buyers.


Seller Profile:

  • Take the time upon registration to create a thorough yet concise profile description of your organization, which highlights your key features and benefits to the buyers. This is the single-most important tool and often, the only reference buyers use when selecting their appointments and sourcing new product. Even the most seasoned and in-demand sellers should continue to compile a detailed and updated product description. It is important to remember that buyers are given first preference with their appointment selections so the more information they have to work with, the better your chances are of having a buyer request an appointment with you.

Buyer Appointment Selection Process:

  • Upon review of the Buyer profiles on the website, select and prioritize buyers who are currently packaging product in your region, have expressed a product development interest in your region and/or product-type, or that you believe have potential to utilize your product or service.
  • You are encouraged to contact non-competing seller attendees you work with in your region and DMOs to get their recommendation for potential buyer leads. This is particularly helpful if these sellers and DMOs are currently working with many of the CWM buyers already and are familiar with their product itineraries for your region.
  • After you have received your initial appointment schedule in early November, carefully review the list and compare it to your original appointment request list in order to make a note of those buyers you did not receive an appointment with. You will have an opportunity to request additional appointments until mid-November. If you are still unable to pre-schedule an appointment with a buyer you wish to meet with, make note to connect with them during networking functions at the event.
  • Research and make notes on buyer itineraries and product needs by taking the time to review their current product catalogue(s). The buyer will appreciate that you have done your homework on them and you will have a more productive appointment session without having to ask as many questions.

Materials Checklist:

  • An ample supply of business cards (100-150) for distribution to both buyers and sellers.
  • 50-100 one-page fact sheets and/or brochures (although most buyers will often prefer that you mail your brochure in a follow-up package). Fact sheets should include all pertinent product details, product features, benefits, amenities and services offered for tours.
  • A small supply of electronic images which can be sent via email (for inclusion in the buyer's catalogue, if applicable).


  • After registration, review your registration materials. You will receive a list of buyer and Destination Canada registrations and cancellations. You will want to make note of these changes to cross-reference the cancellations and additions with your appointment schedule. All sellers are encouraged to print their appointment schedules prior to departing for CWM. If you are unable to do so, printers will be available onsite for this purpose.
  • Take the time to carefully review the CWM trade show schedule to familiarize yourself with all components of the trade show. This is available on the CWM website and in your registration kit.

CWM E-Message Centre:

  • All delegates have access to the CWM E-Message Centre prior to the show and onsite during the trade show. Each Buyer booth will have a tablet with access, and there will also be computers available in the Delegate Lounge for Sellers to easily access the CWM E-Message Centre.

Functions & Appointment Sessions:

  • Upon registration plan to attend the Seller Briefings conducted by Travel Alberta for Alberta Sellers and Destination BC for BC Sellers. Take the opportunity at either the beginning or end of the appointment sessions as well as at the social functions to introduce yourself and your product to other sellers.
  • Make note of any "No-Show" buyers and submit this list to the registration desk at the end of the Marketplace. A No-Show form will be available on-site.
  • Introduce yourself and your product to the Travel Alberta, Tourism BC and Destination Canada representatives (Japan, Germany, Australia, UK, China, North America) and secure an appointment with them, if possible. These representatives work very closely with the operators and media in their region and are an excellent referral network to utilize.
  • Resist the temptation to fill your entire appointment schedule, as you will need periodic breaks to re-group and prepare yourself for the remainder of the day's appointments.
  • Please ensure you are prepared for your appointments so you can get your key messages across to the buyers within the 10-minute time-frame.
  • Ensure you have thoroughly researched the buyers you will be meeting with. Make notes on buyer itineraries and product needs. By taking the time to review their current product catalogue the buyer will appreciate you have done your homework and you will have a more productive appointment sessions.
  • Know your product and pricing well.


  • Ensure you FOLLOW-UP on all buyer requests in a timely manner after the CWM trade show. This can be a valuable first-step in arranging next year's mutual request appointments and will help you to build strong relationships with the buyers.